When there is nothing to say

Have you ever tried to write a blog and then found that you really have nothing to say? I know a lot of people who are bloggers. Some of them blog as a requirement for a class. Some blog once a week and sometimes more or sometimes less. There are bloggers who blog everyday. I’ve read some really good blogs. Some of them the writer really pours out their emotions and its difficult to stop reading. Others merely record their daily lives like a sort of online journal and those can be good too. Continue reading


And the winner is….

I wrote a blog post in March 2016, it was the last one I wrote come to think of it. It was a very slow year for me. But, this post was called Trump: The Man, The Myth, The Sideshow. I didn’t think Trump would actually win the presidency then. I expected Trump to drop out of the race early on just as he did in the previous election when Mr. Obama won his second term. Then, as time progressed, Trump kept moving forward until election and he won. Well, needless to say, he’s not the sideshow anymore. He’s now the ringmaster running the show. Continue reading

A time for all things

I have been thinking about a bumper sticker I see pasted to a vehicle with an overabundance of antiwar propaganda that is often parked on the campus that I work at. One bumper sticker always sticks out stating “war is not the answer.” This bumper sticker made me wonder “just how true is it to say “war is not the answer. It seems more appropriate if the bumper sticker said, “war is not always the answer.” Continue reading

Donald Trump: The man, the myth, the….sideshow

I have not used this blog for much of anything except for testing different thoughts and ideas so this is the first post that I’ve really posted here. I have another blog that I used for posting but looking back it just seemed unorganized and random. The last time I posted anything was about 10 months ago. I decided to use this particular site to give myself a fresh start. Since 2016 is an election year, I thought I would start with something political. Continue reading